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Mileage allowances in Finland

Employees travelling for business with their private vehicle in Finland may be entitled to a mileage allowance, the rates of which are as follows:

2024 mileage allowances - Finland

Vehicle (means of transport) 2024

Maximum allowance amounts per km

Passenger car

€0,57, raised by:

  • €0,10 for towing a trailer

  • €0,15 if performance of the duties-at-hand requires towing a caravan attached to the car

  • €0,29 if performance of duties requires towing a mobile canteen or other comparable heavy load attached to the car

  • €0,04 for transporting machinery or other items in the car weighing over 80 kilograms or of a large size

  • €0,04 if performance of duties requires the employee to transport a dog in the car

  • €0,12 for actual kilometers driven on forest roads or road construction sites closed to other traffic if performance of duties so requires

Motorboat, up to 50 hp


Motorboat, more than 50 hp




All-terrain quadbike






Other means of transport


Transport of other persons on behalf of the employer

+ €0,04 per passenger

If an employee uses a company car for business travel, pays for the energy to run the vehicle and benefits from the “limited benefit” (käyttöetu; förmån att använda bil), they are entitled to a mileage allowance of up to €0,13 per km.


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