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Find all the updated rules and regulations for expense compliance in the United Kingdom here.

VAT rates in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom imposes Value Added Tax (VAT) at different rates as follows for various goods and services: 1. Standard rate - 20% The standard VAT rate i...

Per diem allowances in the United Kingdom

Employees of UK companies travelling for business may be entitled to per diem allowances as set out below. Domestic per diem The scale rate payment allowance...

Mileage allowance rates in the United Kingdom

HMRC Advisory Fuel RAtes HMRC Advisory Fuel Rates are published each year on December 1st, March 1st, June 1st and September 1st of each year. From 1 Decembe...

E-archiving and retention period in the United Kingdom

E-archiving Electronic archiving is allowed in the UK, but not mandatory. If records are kept digitally, these should be archived electronically (subject to ...

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