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Find all the updated rules and regulations for expense compliance in the Netherlands here.

VAT rates in the Netherlands

The Netherlands imposes Value Added Tax (VAT) at different rates as follows for various goods and services: 1. Standard rate - 21% The standard VAT is applic...

Per diem allowances in the Netherlands

Employees of public organisations may receive per diem allowances to cover business travel expenses in the Netherlands and abroad. Commercial companies can a...

Mileage allowances in the Netherlands

The maximum tax-free mileage allowance in the Netherlands is set to €0,23 per kilometre regardless of the vehicle. If the allowance exceeds €0,23 per kilomet...

E-archiving and retention period in the Netherlands

Electronic archiving Documents that are not originally in electronic form may be converted to a digital format, as long as the business can guarantee the aut...

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